Mentor Orientation

What is it?

Mentor Orientation will take place on a Saturday morning in November. The mentors learn about the expectations of the program and tips for a successful mentoring experience. Orientation will end with the formation of Mentor Groups which link up new mentors with experienced mentors, and thus provide a peer support system.

It is very important that you attend this orientation!

At Orientation you will ...

  • get more information on possible field trips, projects, and summer mathematics programs
  • learn more about the WAM annual events like Program KickOff Night, Marjorie Lee Browne Day and M3
  • find out who your students are!

When? Where?

Please refer to the calendar.

Choosing your school preferences

Prior to orientation, mentors are asked to pick their top choices for middle schools in their county. Generally, mentors pick schools that are near their home or work, or somewhere in between. Maps and participating schools for this year will be located on the activities and forms page.

After looking at all mentor requests and considering the numbers of mentees from each participating school, the WAM coordinating committee assigns each mentor to a particular school. At orientation the mentors are assigned 2-3 girls from their assigned school

The Math Mentoring Program is funded by Dr. Steve Shafroth, North Carolina Central University, GlaxoSmithKline Inc., Amgen Foundation, and Texas Instruments, Inc, supported by Durham Public Schools, and administered in conjunction with the North Carolina Chapter of the Women And Mathematics Network.