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The Women and Math Mentoring Program is always seeking for new mentors. We are looking for professional women from the Triangle area who have careers in the fields of mathematics, science, technology, or other math-related fields. This is a great mentoring program and if you decide to participate you will find the experience quite rewarding! We are not math tutors!! If you would like to become a Math Mentor or if you have any additional questions, please complete the Mentor Application Form and send it to applications@womenandmathmentoring.org

NC Women and Mathematics Program

The Women and Math Mentoring Program was created to inspire and encourage young women to continue their study of mathematics, and to learn about careers in which mathematics plays a key role.

The Program links small groups of two to three 8th-grade girls with local female professionals pursuing mathematics-related careers.

Through monthly interactions during the spring semester of the school year, the girls learn about their mentor's job, career and lifestyle.


The Women and Math Mentoring Program's objectives are to:

Program Activities

Students and mentors may participate in the following activities:

General Timeline

(See the Calendar for specific dates times and places)

Program Planning

Program planning is done by the Women and Math Mentoring Coordinating Team, which is led by Director Tina Ewing is made up of women in math-related professions who have been mentoring in the program for several years. The Coordinating Team is responsible for:


Any woman interested in being a math mentor for this school year is welcome to fill out the Mentor Application Form and contact the Program Director or coordinator for durham county. (See contacts page)