The Math Mentoring Program was created to inspire and encourage all students, especially young women, to continue their study of mathematics and science, and to learn about careers in which mathematics and science play a role.

The program links local female professionals from mathematics-related fields with a group of 2 to 3 8th grade girls. Our main objective is to encourage girls who have an interest in mathematics to "stay on the math path". The reason we focus on 8th grade is because that is right before the girls get into high school and we want to encourage them to take the harder and more challenging math classes.

Through the monthly interactions during the second semester of the school year, the girls learn about their mentor's job, career, and lifestyle.

  • MLB Day is March 18th! More info in the calendar!
  • NCSSM has a free 2 week summer camp that lots of our participants will qualify for! Deadline to apply is March 13th! Apply soon, this is a great opportunity. Get more information here!
  • If you are looking for a school absence permission slip, look no farther! DPS Permission Form
  • Check out what DPS has to say about MLB Day!
  • Several of our 2013 mentees toured Duke's Immersive Virtual Environment. Pictured in the article are Jasmaine Brodie and Precious Hawkins!
  • Newsletter - the answers to the math problems are posted here
  • Chantal Shafroth, WAM's Co-founder and Coordinator of the Durham Mathematics Mentoring Program passed away April 7th, 2012. We will miss her greatly! Click here for information on how to donate to WAM in Chantal's name.
  • WAM recognized by DPS!
  • Check the Calendar for event details, and the forms/activities page if you're missing any paperwork.
  • The Math Mentoring Program is funded by Dr. Steve Shafroth, North Carolina Central University, GlaxoSmithKline Inc., Amgen Foundation, and Texas Instruments, Inc, supported by Durham Public Schools, and administered in conjunction with the North Carolina Chapter of the Women And Mathematics Network.