We are counting on each mentor group to send at least one video or photo to Linda. Here are some suggestions:

  • Mentors, you and your mentees may wish to video (on your phones) a special activity or two from a field trip or a project.

  • Mentors and mentees, you may want to video each other explaining why you chose to join the program. Or what you like about math (or science or engineering or technology). Or what field trip you particularly enjoyed and why. Please do not use mentee names.

  • Mentors, you may interview yourself -- name, company, job title, what you actually do at your job, why you chose to join the program. If you are a student tell us your school, what program you are in, what thesis (if any) you are working on, and future career goals.

  • You may ask Linda to video you or your group "live." Send her an email to discuss date/time/place.


  1. Go to the Google Drive

  2. Upload your item

  3. Tell us what your video or photo is about:

    • If a box is already open on the right, click on Details at the top, then on the pencil below and describe your item with Mentor Name, Description of the Activity, Date of the activity.

    • If there is no open box, Right Click on the item, choose View Details, and the box will open.


or 919-225-7308

Any Questions?

Contact Paula Sloan or 919-812-5002

The Math Mentoring Program is funded by Dr. Steve Shafroth, North Carolina Central University, GlaxoSmithKline Inc., Amgen Foundation, and Texas Instruments, Inc, supported by Durham Public Schools, and administered in conjunction with the North Carolina Chapter of the Women And Mathematics Network.